Accepted Papers

  • Emanuele Cavenaghi, Alessio Zanga, Alessandro Rimoldi, Paolo Minasi, Markus Zanker and Fabio Stella: Analysis of Relevant Factors in Online Hotel Recommendation Through Causal Models
  • Haya Halimeh, Florian Freese and Oliver Müller: Event Recommendations through the Lens of Vision and Language Foundation Models
  • Ngai Lam Ho, Roy Ka-Wei Lee and Kwan Hui Lim: BTRec: BERT-based Trajectory Recommendation for Personalized Tours
  • Hidetsugu Nanba and Satoshi Fukuda: Automatic Detection of Geotagged Food-Related Videos Using Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
  • Keisuke Otaki and Yukino Baba: Extended Travel Itinerary Datasets Towards Reproducibility
  • Justin Tolle, Alexander Piazza, Carolin Kaiser and Rene Schallner: Decision Support in Tourism through Social Robots: Design and Evaluation of a Conversation-Based Recommendation Approach Based on Tourist Segments

Workshop Proceedings

The RecTour 2023 Proceedings have been published online by CEUR Workshop Proceedings (Vol-3568).